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Background: The ageing of the population with the growing burden of chronic conditions and multimorbidity is steadily increasing the demand for a more extended and efficient care and a more intelligent outcome-based delivery of personalised care in an integrative and coordinated approach. 

  • Innovative solutions are needed to deliver efficient integrated person-centred services based on citizens’ needs through new technologies, products and organisational changes.
  • Digital innovation tools and services have the potential and have proven in good practice innovative models of integrated care, to facilitate and support these changes towards delivering more targeted, personalised and high-quality healthcare to the population. 

Ambition: JADECARE will contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems through providing expertise and sharing good practices solutions of digitally enabled integrated person-centred care. JADECARE will hence assist the Member States in undertaking sustainable health system reforms. 


  • Enable the participating national authorities and those beyond the Consortium, to benefit as “Next Adopters” from efficient solutions developed by the providers of the original Good Practices (oGPs).   
  • Reinforce through best practice transfer the capacity of health authorities to successfully address important aspects of health system transformation in the era of digitisation.  

Expected Outcomes

  • Establish a sustained atmosphere encouraging innovation, further enhancing the sustainability of health systems, and continuously improving health care performance and outcomes.
  • To achieve in a joint effort of professional end users, care users or citizens, healthcare providers, digital solutions providers and governments the digital transformation of health services. 

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