JADECARE Structure and Orchestration

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Transfer Work Packages (WP5 to WP8) analyse and settle the basis of each of the JADECARE original Good Practices. They support Next Adopters to implement one or more features of these practices within their local settings.

Next Adopters have the opportunity to deeply learn about good practices in a series of workshops, webinars and study visits. Thus they are enabled setting up their local interventions.

These content oriented core tasks for the Joint Action are supported by four Horizontal Work Packages, namely

  • Work Package 1, Coordination and Management, provides project leadership, task management and supervision as well financial controlling.
  • Work Package 2 serves to foster communication on the Joint Action and driving dissemination of high quality information on the Implementation of Digitally Enabled Integrated Person-centred Care, incl. deliverables and progress.
  • Work Package 3 is responsible for evaluating JADECARE throughout its lifecycle. For this, a methodological framework is provided and put into practice. Special attention is paid to stakeholders’ satisfaction.
  • Work Package 4 teams facilitates knowledge exchange and supports uptake of good practices with the overarching aim of sustainability of Next Adopters’ implementations. For this, WP4 has successfully launched a Policy Board ensuring linkage with decision makers.

Transfer Work Packages

Next Adopters

Horizontal Work Packages