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This page is a “one-stop shop” repository for media and documents. So far accessible are newsletters and public deliverables.

Check back for presentations, scientific publications, video reports etc.

JADECARE Newsletters

Newsletter 1 – April 2022 [open in new tab] – featuring
– Introducing the Joint Action
– Learning from original Good Practices: Core Elements of Sustainability

Public Deliverables (accepted by EC)

D1.1: Project HandbookThe Project Handbook summarizes the project’s objectives, documents the selected approach for achieving the project goals and establishes guidelines and standards for the project. It also highlights the key controlling processes to be used, the project policies and rules, and the overall management approach.Download D1.131/03/2021
D2.1: LeafletThis Deliverable describes the steps and phases of the production of the JADECARE Leaflet, as well as its current and future application as part of the project's dissemination strategy. It presents the key information
included in the leaflet; the approach and concept of JADECARE, as well as an overview of the intervention
and partners, with the aim of arousing readers' curiosity about the project.
Download D2.131/03/2021
D2.2: Project WebsiteThis Deliverable describes the structure and functionalities of the first version of the JADECARE website
developed to date at M6 (March 2021) and outlines the planning of future developments and maintenance.
It also gives a description of the landing page as the initial interim communication activity prior to the
launch of the website, as well as an explanation of its structure and functionality.
Download D2.231/03/2021
D2.3: Dissemination and Communication strategyThe Deliverable dissemination and communication strategy and plan is providing the initial strategy for
internal and external communication and dissemination. This document gives an overview of the
aims of the JADECARE dissemination and communication activities as well as setting up guidelines
for the principles and process flow of dissemination for internal project partners: when, who, to
whom, how and what partners should disseminate, led, coordinated and regulated by WP2.
Download D2.331/03/2021
D3.1: Impact Assessment PlanThe Impact Assessment Plan of JADECARE has been designed in three different sections that can be understood separately but complement each other so as to reach full meaning in combination.
- The first section is the “Project Progress Monitoring Plan”
- The second section, namely “Quality Assurance Plan”
- The third one, the “Impact Assessment Plan”
Download D3.130/06/2021
D3.2: Interim Evaluation Report
D4.1: Local Good Practices and Action Plans