The overall goal of creating a JADECARE project web presence is to disseminate high quality information about the aims, scope, results and progress of the Joint Action (JA) in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable mechanism to advance high quality integrated care services in Europe.

JADECARE communication activities aim in a first step to position the JA in the EU stakeholder landscape, generate understanding and recognition of the project goals and ambitions among Member States and key stakeholders.

The website is essential to fulfil the overall objectives of the dissemination work package (WP2) and will be a focal point for all dissemination activities, throughout the project lifespan and beyond. To achieve these goals, it will be regularly updated with high quality information, including news and a calendar of relevant events. For this purpose, a strategy will be defined that will determine the further development and maintenance of the website.

Overall, the website would:
1) Engage with a range of key stakeholders with interests in the JADECARE project to increase prominence of the JA.
2) Communicate project objectives, milestones and achievements.
3) Provide a centralised resource of quality and regularly updated news content, public documents on issues relevant to the JADECARE project general objectives.