The last 2 months have been a very fruitful time for the JADECARE project, with several internal and external events. The European Implementation Event EIE2023 took place in Basel from 8 to 9 June and the Implementation Research Scientific Conference in Bilbao from 12 to 14 June.

JADECARE impacts European health systems by implementing innovative digital integrated care solutions, helping to change the model of care provision in different health system situations. It sets the base to implement large-scale integrated care by delivering know-how to transfer innovative and tailored practices and by generating evidence that aspires to produce benefits beyond the project.

So JADECARE coordinators Instituto de Investigación en  Servicios de Salud Kronikgune  (Director: Ane Fullaondo Zabala) who participated in both events presented the three-step implementation strategy that has been developed to enable the transfer of experiences and knowledge:

  • Preimplementation (planning and preparation): the NAs analyzed their contexts with the SWOT analysis and identified more than 150 local needs aligned with oGPs‘ key elements (study visits organized). Consequently, 64 interventions were defined targeting more than 4 million people. Implementation (roll-out and operation): the NAs deployed their action plans by means of two PDSA Cycles monitored by more than 350 KPIs. In ten structured thematic workshops they exchanged their experience about the transfer process.
  • Post-implementation (impact assessment and learning): the NAs analyzed the implementation process through the CFIR and reported the whole experience using SQUIRE 2.0 guidelines. Moreover, the implementation strategy is assessed by NAs (end users) to evaluate its impact and usability. This resulted in more than 150 local needs identified, 64 interventions targeting more than 4 million people, monitored by more than 350 KPIs, and 21 in-depth results (Squire 2.0) and process (CFIR) analyses!

Other highlights of the conference in Bilbao were:

  • Masterclass of Dr. Brian Mittman from Kaiser Permanente who chaired the planning committee that launched the journal Implementation Science, talking about Complex Health Interventions and full societal benefits requiring intentional,planned proactive implementation using newer dissemination and implementation approaches guided by newer types of implementation research.
  •  A workshop on Implementation Mapping run by Prof. Maria Fernandez,Vice President of Population Health & Implementation at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston concluding the 3-day event.