On Friday, June 23, 2023, a workshop focused on sharing experiences and outputs from the European project JADECARE (Joint Action on implementation of digitally enabled integrated person-centred care) was held in the Czech Republic. The workshop took place in the premises of the Patient Hub in Prague 10 – Vršovice and its was also mediated online and recorded. The aim of the project is to methodically scale up proven innovative integrated care practices and experiences from advanced regions in the EU, particularly in cooperation between several healthcare or social care providers, addressing especially the chronically ill, with the support of information and telecommunications technologies. The practices focus on the needs of citizens in care to achieve better and more efficient healthcare systems.

The JADECARE project runs from autumn 2021 to autumn 2023 and is based on the creation of a rich set of more than 40 model practice modules that originated in the regions of the Basque Country, Catalonia, Southern Denmark and Kinzigtal (Germany). In these practices a subset of 20 most relevant model practice modules was identified and evaluated for the purpose of health policy development of the Ministry of Health of the CR (MoH), following pertinent national strategies and action plans. The evaluation of the model practice miodules (called in JADECARE Core Features) was performed with foremost national internal and external experts in health reforms, with the aim to prioritize them for future selective acceptance in the Czech Republic.

The range of models includes the following areas:

  • Communication and information and communication technologies
  • Management and regulation
  • Health literacy
  • Financing / regulation
  • Integrated care

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Martin Zeman, director of the ICT department of MoH, welcomed the participants, and then MD Petr Struk presented a situational report of the JADECARE project. Deputy Minister of MoH Mr. Václav Pláteník spoke about the state of the preparation of the relevant health and social care legislation.

The seminar continued with a block of model exercises.

The JADECARE model practices were reviewed in terms of mental health by MD Jan Pfeiffer and presented a proposal for implementation of selected features of the practices in the Ústí and Labem Region. One of the main interests is to enable sharing of health data between health and care professionals.

  • Mr. Zdislav Doleček then followed up with experiences from the JADECARE project while establishing a new practice as a JADECARE Next Adopter at the University Hospital Olomouc (UHO).
  • MD Bohumil Seifert spoke about how the JADECARE model practices can be used in primary care and in the care of the elderly.
  • MD Iva Holmerová, an expert in geriatric and Alzheimer’s care, also devoted herself to model practices in the care of the elderly, especially those with dementia. In conclusion,
  • Mr. Michal Zápotocký presented an example of digital integration of care at the Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital.

The final word was delivered by Mr. Martin Zeman concluding the workshop.

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