The Joint Action and it’s main implementation activities were presented at the conference “Health Informatics in the Covid-19 Period” in Greece in June 2021. JADECARE aims to strengthen the capacity of health authorities to move to a digital, personalised model of integrated care. As reported by Dr Fivos Papamalis PhD, JADECARE intends in particular: Contributing to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems, providing expertise to support health system reforms. Transfer of know-how of Authentic Good Practices developed from previous implementing bodies to Next Adopters.

Overall, JADECARE focuses on preventive interventions, patient empowerment and digitally enabled personalised integrated care. The presentation involved the pre-implementation stages such as Needs assessment of the current situation, scope definition and selection of topics to be implemented, SWOT analysis, evaluation for the selection of Good Practices and, finally the preparation of the pilot action plan.  The two main Original Good Practices selected for Greece are:

  1.  Patient stratification/ classification which refers to the systematic procedure for identifying patients who are at higher risk for deteriorating health and who are expected to benefit from more than one intervention
  2. Patient empowerment related to changing the way people interact with healthcare system; Empowerment to acquire more skills and rights; Enhance health literacy and ensure participation in decision-making and self-care. Empowerment is related to higher satisfaction and lower number of hospitalisations and visits to the ED and better coordination and communication between professionals; Reorganisation of existing human resources; Patients’ perceptions.

The methodology being adopted and RE-AIM framework were also presented along with their components