The Second Policy Board meeting – first part – has been held on November 17th and was to the entire JADECARE consortium and Policy Board members. At the beginning of the meeting, overall results of the current work in JADECARE will be presented, followed by a presentation on EU mechanisms and instruments to further support integrated care practices and their sustainability.

Insight Article: JADECARE Policy board Mission, Constituency and Proceedings

In the second part of the meeting, two case studies from Italy and Germany will be presented and discussed with the Policy Board members. The example from Italy will showcase, how the JADECARE practice can be linked to National resilience and recovery plan to reinforce the sustainability of the practice and digital transformation of the healthcare system. The example from Germany will outline, how JADECARE results can be beneficial to settings outside this Joint Action and used to develop recommendations for action to transform the German Healthcare system further towards integrated digitally-enabled person centred care. Each presentation will be followed by a debate from Policy Board members (and potentially other partners) sharing different implementation experiences and possible next steps to support the process of achieving JADECARE objectives.

The event will be concluded with a summary of key lessons learnt and an outline of next steps in the implementation process with a special focus on sustainability planning during the first half of 2023.

The Policy Dialogue will be convened one week after the PB meeting, on November 24th, titled: “Reinforcing the capacity of health authorities to successfully address the health system transformation, in particular the transition to digitally-enabled, integrated, person-centred care: “Designed to be sustainable: advancement of sustainability strategy and sustainability action plan.” In a moderated discussion, Policy Board members will discuss several topics based on learnings from the JADECARE Thematic workshops and identify future actions that would be important for an adapted alignment of practices, in order to become sustainable after JADECARE ends.