In the implementation phase of JADECARE, Thematic Workshops were held within the project consortium internally. These workshops have been organised by Next Adopters in 10 European regions from June to July 2022.

During each Thematic Workshop, specific features of original Good Practices have been addressed and discussed with the participants of those Next Adopters of JADECARE who are implementing adaptations of these themes/features at their sites. Through collaborative self-evaluation and exchange, the Thematic Workshops were dedicated to sharing learnings, experiences and solutions during the phase of implementation, at the same time approaching these main objectives:

  1. Increase visibility of NA at local/regional/national level and promote communication with stakeholders important for sustainability.
  2. Interim self-evaluation of implementation progress with the possibility of starting the next PDSA cycle, including fruitful discussion on implementation successes and obstacles.
  3. Structured feedback to the JA leadership on the methods chosen to plan and support implementation.

Schedule [click on workshop theme for individual reports]